Meet Jennifer

I’m thrilled that you are considering me to photograph your family. My focus is on your children’s personalities, their interactions with each other and the family.

Shy personalities can actually shine during a photo session, it’s my pleasure to catch the special moments and of course, you can’t say enough about wild personalities, such fun.

If you are asking why bother with a professional photo session it’s because it’s “simply time” The growing up years go all too quickly, it’s important to capture everything you can and a great way to do it is with images that you will have forever.


Here are some snippets about me.

*Mommy to 3

*Married to my best friend

*Blessed to have a job I adore

*Love my family & friends

*Netflix obsession

*Favorite stores - Target | Starbucks | Torrid

*Obsessed with anything vintage especially photography shoots

*Love to travel and experience new cultures

*Photographer, cosmetologist and makeup artist